The harm of spam

Why it is necessary to fight against spam? Having begun with rather modest on scales of advertizing mailings, spam gradually grew in serious technical, economic and even social threat:

  1. Load of communications. Spam loads communication channels, creates a traffic, to pay which it is necessary either to provider, or the user (most or to the employer if it is a question of a working mailbox). Avarage damage from spam of operators of the Internet estimated at 55 million US dollars. And it only costs of a traffic. And after all there are still physical capacities — the e-mail servers accepting and processing this garbage. There are experts which these servers serve. This infrastructure costs money too.
  2. Time loss. If spam reached a final mailbox, his owner will be compelled to clean garbage mail manually. The employee reading in day of 10-20 letters on work, together with them can receive 160-180 spam messages. Time spent for removal of spam — and is 5-6 hours a month — will be lost from working process, and it will be paid from a pocket of the employer.
  3. Irritation and discontent. The user in fact works as the cleaner, only “electronic” — removes garbage. It can’t but irritate him, here and one more negative factor — emotional.
  4. Casual loss of the necessary letter in spam pack. Comments in this case are excessive — who at least once came up against such situation, everything will understand.
  5. Spam criminalization.

Types of spam

Mass mailing of electronic letters - the most popular and cheap kind of activity. It can be made in a manual and automatic mode. Similar mailing differs from mailing to followers that is dispatched without a subscription of users and without a consent. The main difficulty at present is gathering of real addressees and barriers of mail services. Recently everything the Internet resources began to hide e-mail addresses of users for difficulty of automatic collecting. Despite all barriers and fight methods post spam still is the leader.

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What is the SPAM?

SPAM – the American company on production of canned meat known for its annoying ads.


On behalf of the company named junk mail, by e-mail. 5 March 1994, the law firm Canter and Siegel published in newsgroups Usenet first message with advertising your own services, it was the first spam.